The Pre-Construction Phase is Crucial to Maximizing Your Investment.

Pre-construction includes the discovery to ascertain a client’s vision to establish parameters on how to best maximize our services for the specific circumstances. A great deal of collaboration takes place to fully explore the scope of work, identify value engineering opportunities, determine potential risks, provide solutions, and analyze cost impacts. This phase ultimately helps the Owner determine the viability of the project to establish proper financing.

As part of our commitment to quality, ECI provides our clients with pre-construction services that range from identifying the owner's construction and design goals to creating estimates and schedules that best fit these goals, and everything in between. In-house estimators provide accurate construction budgets and estimating expertise. Developing detailed project budgets in the early stages of design development ensures the numbers are on target for the Owner's goals, while also bringing ideas to the table regarding alternatives where it would add to the value to the project.

Owner Benefits of Pre-Construction Services.

Pre-construction also provides the Owner a number of benefits which can have a dramatic impact on the overall project while saving significant time and money. Most importantly, the Owner has a defined basis to make an informed decision. Since the cost and schedule of the project can be determined upfront, the number of changes, unexpected costs, and variations of schedule during the project can all be minimized. Additionally, we can address where possible problems will occur early in the process and provide solutions, as well as better identify cost savings opportunities timely so that the selected ones could be integrated into the project.

This purposeful blend of planning and foresight is essential to maximizing your investment in this very active Central Texas market. Factors we look at include:


Developing Detailed, Accurate Estimates is a Critical Part of the Pre-construction Process.

The creation of initial estimates in-essence becomes a healthy way of acquiring an overall grasp of the project details. But void of accurate estimates, project managers can't build budgets, get approvals, or contract with the best suited vendors. This makes creation of successful estimates the gold standard.

Our in-house estimating department is dedicated to providing accurate construction budgets and estimating expertise to our clients. By studying blueprints, specifications, and related documents, we can identify labor, material, and time requirements for your specific project. Routinely bidding on new projects keeps our experts in tune with up-to-the- minute marketplace pricing in the Central Texas region.

A major part of our estimating success is our ability to develop trusting relationships with sub-contractors and suppliers. With a deep pool of resources available, complimentary teams with specialized skills are developed for each specific project our company undertakes. We go to great lengths to assist each of these trusted sub-contractors in understanding the dynamics of a project and develop associated scopes of work. This helps to mitigate unknowns and achieve accurate cost estimates.

Value Engineering Allows us to Share our Expertise.


Effective Collaboration is at the Heart of Every Successful Build.

Collaboration is not a “nice to have” organizational philosophy, it is a fundamental ingredient for success.  At ECI, we focus on building trust first and foremost, which leads to confidence in the reliability, integrity and honesty between the client and our construction teams.

Our organizational culture and managerial practices are built around nurturing collaboration. We approach each project with the mindset that we are an integral part of the client’s team, constantly striving to best reach the end goal by providing the leadership, administration, supervision and management to achieve a successful project.

ECI is accomplished at collaborating with owners, engineers and architects, as well as our sub-contractors, through every phase of a construction project with a desire to further the investment to our clients. We are thorough in each aspect of the project cycle – from pre-construction through post-construction and all steps in between - proactively maintaining direct communication with our clients to ensure their needs and expectations are not only met but exceeded.

Open Studio Architecture

Our experience working with Engen Contracting, Inc. for the past 6 years has been excellent. They bring key construction knowledge and outstanding management to each project. ... We have teamed up on multiple successful projects. Engen Contracting’s approach to a project brings a great value not only to our client, but to the design team as well. ... Anyone would be well served selecting Engen Contracting, Inc. as their construction manager or general contractor for their project.

Aaron Clark, RA

Michael Hsu Office of Architecture

Over the years I've had the opportunity to work with many different general contractors. Working with Chris, Michael and the ECI team has always been an enjoyable experience. Their thoughtfulness for detail and craft, management tactics and professionalism at all levels of the construction process has been an absolute pleasure. I have seen it and my clients have seen it as well ... and that is a true testament to their work and care.

Micah Land

Albert Enterprises

Synergistic partnerships don’t come along very often.  Over the past three years, we have been truly blessed to find a group of folks that not only THINK and WORK like us, but TRUST like us.  Success comes when you find PARTNERS in this business that have the same VALUES and PRINCIPLES as your own TEAM.  The results are magical.  Chris and the wonderful TEAM at ECI have been that Fairy Dust for Albert Enterprises and Albert Restaurant Group.  We couldn’t do what we do in Central and South Texas without them.  Keep up the great work!

Cary Albert

Kerbey Lane Cafe

It was an absolute pleasure working with Chris and the ECI team.  They brought a level of professionalism and organization we’d never before experienced with a general contractor and their attention to detail and ability to adapt in the field was remarkable.  ECI has been a tremendous partner in our business and we will continue to look to them as we undertake new projects.

Mason Ayer
Chief Executive Officer / Kerbey Lane Cafe

Austin Habitat for Humanity

When Austin Habitat for Humanity took on building our new Headquarters Building & ReStore in South Austin it was the largest undertaking in our 30 year history.  ECI was up to the challenge, bringing our project in on time and under budget.  We’ve received numerous compliments on the project and we are proud to show off our new home.  We know we can trust ECI to do quality work and look forward to working with them on our next project. Onward,

Phyllis Snodgrass
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