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We’re honored to introduce team members to Engen Contracting, Inc.! The team at ECI is embracing fresh perspectives and an accumulation of experience. Our recently strengthened leadership team is committed to amplifying our influence across Central Texas.

In a remarkable span of 26 years, ECI has consistently achieved excellence by delivering unwavering professional services to the vibrant Central Texas Community. Reflecting upon our journey, our devotion lies in fostering purposeful and unbreakable partnerships as we construct more than buildings but the foundations of our community’s enterprises.

"I take immense pride in the positive impact we've had on countless lives since our inception, a testament to the projects we've executed. In recent years, our community and its surroundings have witnessed remarkable growth, and we’ve been blessed to have played a small role in that uptick. Our contributions have transformed dreams into tangible reality. We've stood as partners, elevating businesses from the ground up, enabling them to serve our community in diverse ways. Witnessing the flourishing success of our clients undoubtedly stands as a crowning achievement."
Chris Engen - CEO

At ECI, we’re growing hand in hand with our community. Our positive trajectory is orchestrated through the careful cultivation of our team, integrating pertinent technologies, and streamlining processes. This strategic evolution places us firmly on the path to advancement. The initial stride towards these ambitions marks a pivotal juncture for ECI – mirrored by our new leadership team, who share these aspirations.

chris engen - CEO, ECI

Chris Engen – CEO

Following his graduation from Kansas State University with a Construction Management degree, Chris set up shop in Texas and cut his teeth in both the multi-family and commercial construction sectors. After about a dozen years working for others, Chris followed his entrepreneurial dream to venture off independently. Along with his brother Geoff, Chris founded Austin-based ECI in 1997. After over two decades of business ownership, Chris faced many challenges that were ultimately turned into successes.  Those successes have been instrumental in endearing Chris to this industry that he feels blessed to live in every day. 

Being able to corral and coordinate with so many different collaborative entities effectively is where the rubber meets the road in construction.  That coordination must come in the form of relationship building.  Whether that nurturing of people takes place internally or externally, Chris understands this to be the highest of all his priorities. To help push the needle forward each day, he created a culture within ECI that promotes values that, over time, become recognizable and contagious to benefit all our partners. 

In addition to his ECI life, Chris enjoys relaxing with his wife, Joan, and sharing time with other family. Chris also walks his dogs, plays golf, works at the gym, shares time at his church, and works with local non-profits.  

Offering the full range of Construction Services to his clients, with his expertise and vision, anything is possible. With Chris’ faith, everything is possible.

Michael Engen - President

Michael Engen – President

After graduating from Texas State University Construction Science & Management Program, Michael joined ECI in 2011. His comprehensive grasp of construction processes significantly bolsters ECI's unwavering commitment to safeguarding clients' interests, financial investments, and ultimate project outcomes.

His communication and organizational skills also help define him as having the tools to excel at this position. As President of ECI, Michael's involvement spans business development, pre-construction, company finances, and project delivery, underscoring his hands-on approach to ECI's daily operations. Michael's unwavering dedication to steering ECI's upward trajectory is underscored by his emphasis on attracting premier construction talent and nurturing both new and established professional relationships. He’s tremendously adept at problem-solving and doesn’t take ‘No’ for an answer.   

Beyond his professional commitments, Michael loves spending time with his family: his wife, Danielle, and their two daughters. His hobbies include travel, running, biking, and golf.

Jack Griffith – Vice President Construction

Jack Griffith – Vice President of Construction

Jack started his construction career at Hensel Phelps, ascending the ranks over a nine-year span. His tenure at Hensel Phelps was a good experience that led him to an integral role on the Tesla team, where he contributed his expertise to the Construction and Development Division, focusing on Operations. Notably, Jack played a large role in the groundbreaking and construction of the Gigafactory in Austin, Texas.

Stepping into his new role as the Vice President of Construction at Engen Contracting, Inc., Jack undertakes the pivotal responsibility of orchestrating the seamless execution of all ECI projects. From the phases of pre-construction to project closeouts, Jack collaborates closely with clients, consultants, and trade vendors. Additionally, Jack leads ECI's internal Construction and Deliverable Teams, ensuring the successful completion of every project.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Jack is a loving husband to his wife Helen of 24 years and a caring dad to three children: Luke, Beau, and Zoey. Jack enjoys spending time with family and friends and working on anything with wheels.

Jack Griffith's wealth of experience, unwavering dedication, and passion for construction heralds a promising chapter in ECI's journey toward excellence.

Mary Jacobs – Controller

Mary Jacobs – Controller

Mary became a member of ECI in 2017, bringing a wealth of experience in construction bookkeeping and administration. Her primary responsibility revolves around managing financial records and demonstrating a genuine enthusiasm for working with numbers. Mary's precise attention ensures a meticulous overview of ECI's financial health. She adeptly handles payroll, accounts payable, and receivables, while constantly monitoring cash flow.

Her work is marked by its thoroughness and punctuality. Mary's pivotal role significantly contributes to ECI's day-to-day operations, and she maintains direct and consistent communication with our corporate CPA firm. Outside of work, Mary finds joy with her family in Hutto and spending quality time quilting.

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As we stand on the threshold of the next exciting chapter in our journey, we invite you to join us in this narrative of growth and achievement. Stay connected with us on LinkedIn to witness firsthand the unfolding of our ventures and the remarkable impact we're making! Together, let's shape the future with unwavering determination guided by our shared values of excellence, professionalism, and integrity.

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