Living Our Values: ECI's Blueprint for an Authentic Workplace

At the heart of our organization lies a distinct culture rooted in authenticity. Our core values aren't just words on paper; they are lived and breathed by our team every day. This authenticity forms the bedrock of trust, forging strong bonds among our employees and clients, and crafting a work environment that is both distinctive and uplifting. Our values serve as a compass, empowering our team to make decisions in alignment with these principles, further enriching our culture of accountability and responsibility.

Discover the essence of ECI's workplace culture as our dedicated team members share their experiences and insights. Their stories vividly portray how our values infuse our daily operations, creating a distinct and thriving atmosphere.

Fostering an Inclusive Culture with Employee-Crafted Values

At ECI, we recognize the profound importance of values that strike a chord with the human spirit. What sets our core values apart is that they were not drafted in a boardroom but were crafted by our dedicated employees.

These five core values were meticulously distilled from countless brainstorming sessions, capturing the essence of the ECI we envisioned internally and externally. With unanimous endorsement, we proudly affirm that these values mirror our diverse workforce's shared beliefs and principles. This inclusivity is not only about acknowledging differences but also actively seeking and valuing those differences. When employees perceive their unique backgrounds and viewpoints as respected and cherished, it kindles a profound sense of belonging, a vital ingredient in nurturing a healthy and productive workplace.  

Putting Our Values Into Action

Do Right: We promote honesty and transparency in all our interactions with clients and our team members. It promotes keeping our promises, admitting to our mistakes, and always doing the right thing, even when it poses challenges

Solve: We encourage a culture of continuous improvement and excellence in everything we do. This includes setting high standards for our work, fostering innovation, and seeking ways to optimize processes for better results.  We are all problem solvers in all aspects of how we conduct business.

Team: Teamwork is at the core of our daily operations by uplifting our team members so they reach their full potential. We actively promote cross-functional collaboration, open communication, and knowledge sharing to tackle challenges to achieve common goals.

Safe in All Ways: A person ensures safety on the job, and we demand that everyone gets home safely at the end of each day.  But it also promotes a working environment where a person is safe to Act – Speak – Work among family & friends, free of fear.

Construct: At ECI, there is a productive & enjoyable interaction between all parties charged with executing ‘high quality’ structures by way of a ‘high’ functioning team.  We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and outcomes. Each team member takes ownership of their responsibilities, and we follow through on commitments to our clients and each other to build lasting structures and relationships.

Story of ECI's Employee Coins: Celebrating Values and Commitment

To make them tangible, we wanted to take these values a step further to celebrate and reward the commitment of our team, and to instill a sense of pride in every member. And so, the idea of employee coins was born. Each coin is intricately associated with our core values, representing an anniversary of employment and a celebration of our shared beliefs.

During our staff gatherings, these coins are awarded to our dedicated team members on their yearly employment anniversaries. It's a moment of recognition and reward, a chance to celebrate their unwavering commitment to our values and our work together. But these coins are more than mere tokens; they're a source of pride within our team. Displayed as a badge of honor, they are a physical manifestation of our shared commitment to our core values.

In every coin, there's a story - a story of dedication, shared beliefs, and a thriving culture. These coins are not just metal; they're a representation of our values, our team, and our journey together.

ECI's Blueprint for Building an Exceptional Team

ECI's core values are the guiding principles of our daily operations and the beacon that draws in our experienced team. Exceptional individuals are naturally drawn to organizations with a strong mission, which is precisely what makes ECI an employer of choice.

From day one, new team members are immersed in our core values. Orientation sessions serve as an introduction, but the true magic happens through mentorship opportunities with seasoned employees. These mentors showcase how our values are not just words on paper but guiding forces in our workplace. They provide practical, real-life examples of how our values are manifested daily.

Our aspiration is to build a team of the industry's finest construction talent who seamlessly align with ECI's culture. Our culture, deeply rooted in our values, serves as a living testament to our commitment to excellence, accountability, and fostering an inclusive and collaborative work environment.

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At ECI, we're more than general commercial contractors; we're a community bound by a shared set of core values driving every business aspect. Meet our dedicated leadership team. Their stories and experiences illuminate the profound impact of our values on our daily operations, inspiring our entire organization to strive for excellence.

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