Our in-house department of estimators are dedicated to providing accurate construction budgets and estimating expertise to our clients. The pre-construction team, as required, engages qualified design consultants to assist in achieving conceptual through to final construction documents. We work hand-in-hand with vetted subcontractors during budgeting to ensure accurate and competitive pricing.

We provide our clients with pre-construction services that range from identifying the owner's construction and design goals, to creating estimates and schedules that best fit these goals. Our team can develop a detailed project budget in the early stages of design development to ensure that it is within the boundaries of the owner's project goals. We routinely bid on new projects thus keeping our cost experts in tune with up-to-the-minute marketplace pricing in the central Texas region

A major part of our estimating success is our ability to develop trusting relationships with subcontractors and suppliers. We go to great lengths to assist subcontractors to understand the dynamics of a project and develop associated scopes of work.  This helps to achieve an accurate cost estimate, helping to mitigate unknowns.

Value Engineering

Value engineering is an ally to most, if not all construction projects.  Given some latitude, ECI’s construction experience pays dividends in producing straight forward, concise project planning, as well as providing productive, cost−effective solutions to reduce the construction budget.  Utilizing ECI for value engineering can often times reduce construction costs and shorten the overall schedule.