ECI has experience utilizing state of the art Green Building concepts combined with best practice construction strategies to complete cost-effective projects that are also environmentally friendly.

ECI supports the US Green Building Council in efforts to support sustainable design and building practices. 

The ECI Sustainability team can assist you in meeting your Green objectives whether you have a GREEN/LEED project or are interested in utilizing green building technology:

  • Work with teams of owner representatives, architects and engineers to develop an efficient building structure with state of the art mechanical systems utilizing Green building concepts.
  • Develop a construction waste management plan through recycling construction waste to minimize landfill growth and encourage all sub-contractors to endorse and comply with the plan.
  • Set realistic goals for percentages of recycled materials for the project.  Working with each building trade to achieve a match of materials’ recycled content with excellent quality.
  • Set goals for percentages of material from local sources.  Encourage cost-efficient, high quality local material usage.
  • Document the achievement of goals for construction waste management, recycled materials and local material percentages.
  • Reduce energy consumption and water use.
  • Suggest design changes to increase outside views to improve the aesthetic experience for employees and visitors.
  • Minimize landscape water usage through water-efficient local aesthetic plants with  low-water technology.
  • Improve air quality.
  • Lower building operating expenses.