At our work sites, ECI is committed to the safety of all team members, workers, subcontractors, and others, including the general public. Safety must never be compromised. It is part of quality workmanship and the mark of true professionals. 

To further our commitment to health and safety, ECI established the ‘No’ Injury program.

The elimination of all injuries is possible and we are dedicated to achieving this goal. Every team member on every project is obligated to assume responsibility for safety and work towards the ‘No’ Injury goal by:    

  • Proactively plan to set the best, job specific, safety program in place
  • Conducting work in a safe manner
  • Drug & alcohol testing programs
  • Company safety and health manuals
  • New employee orientation and training
  • Belief that a safe job is a productive job
  • Identifying and eliminating unsafe conditions
  • Stopping work immediately to correct any unsafe condition encountered
  • Taking corrective action so that work can proceed in a safe manner
  • Meeting or exceeding government and industry safety standards as we work to be a model for the construction industry.